With more than 30 years of experience and track record in the recycling industry, we have the capabilities to provide integrated e-waste solutions to customers globally.

We have established a wide network of relationships with customers and suppliers worldwide.

Corporate Milestones

2022 to Present

Realignment of e-waste recycling strategy into the electrification (EV) & renewable energy storage (ESS) sector.


Started lithium-ion battery recycling activities in Singapore.


Successfully secured the first lithium battery recycling licence from Singapore's National Environment Agency.

Obtained General Waste Disposal Facility license (GWDF) from Singapore's National Environment Agency which allows the Group to provide comprehensive e-waste management/solutions.


Completed first working prototype to recycle lithium-ion batteries as well as undertook the test-run and inspection of the prototype for lithium-ion batteries recycling.


Started the design and prototype of lithium-ion batteries recycling facilities.


Started our R&D activities into the recycling of lithium-ion batteries.


Commenced overseas expansion in commodities trading and waste management services.


Started diversification into waste management.

early 1990s

Specialising in trading carton and plastic waste.