Customised Solutions

Key to building successful long-term partnerships, we aim to address the unique needs of every customer through safe and cost-effective e-waste management and recycling solutions.

Value Creation

Utilising a transparent and value-based approach, our integrated e-waste solutions aim to maximise economic and environmental welfare.


We view e-waste recycling as key to sustainable development and we continually strive to develop improved solutions for our activities and protect our environment.

E-waste has become an important source of resource.

At SMC, we aim to recover, recycle and reuse e-waste wherever possible.

Committed to preserving and protecting our environment for future generations, we have implemented industry best practices across our activities and are committed to a continuous improvement program that ensures our environmental policies are aligned with the protection of our environment.

In collaboration with our partners around the world, we aim to create greater efficiencies and synergies within the circular economy with advanced collection and modern e-waste recycling technologies that optimise resource recovery.

As one of the largest e-waste recyclers in Singapore with a global marketing and distribution network, SMC has the infrastructure, supply chain network, certifications and licences to provide effective and reliable environmental services and solutions to make proper e-waste management and recycling effortless, translating into lower costs and minimal turnaround time for our customers.

Licensed Handling

As one of the primary certified establishments in Asia licensed in e-waste management, we are proud to be the preferred partner of the National Environmental Agency to serve our customers in managing the increasing complex process that has significant impact on our health and the environment.