What We Do

Integrated E-Waste Solutions

SMC is one of the largest e-waste recyclers in Singapore with a global marketing and distribution network.

Recycling & Recovery

At SMC, we undertake our best endeavours to extract and recover as much valuable raw materials from E-waste (including electric vehicle scrap batteries) with the use of innovative recycling technologies.

Sustainability and Resource Efficiency for a Circular Economy

E-waste Resources
At SMC, we believe that e-waste resources contains rich hidden resources that can be optimised for renewed usage as much as possible, through the innovative use of recycling technology.
Focus on Improving
With a continual focus on improving our process and technology to make recycling both convenient and affordable, we are focused on ensuring e-waste is recycled and integrated back into the supply chain, where it belongs.
E-recycling Partner
As a preferred e-recycling partner, SMC makes it simple for our customers to make a positive impact to the environment and economy.