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Waste disposal and recovery activities required strict authorization from environmental agencies and the police department in almost every country. SMCI is proud to be registered by the environmental agency in countries and states it operates in, working close with and adhering by governmental and industrial policies to ensure the highest level of safety for employees, the environment, and the communities at large.


Our listing of awards and accreditations can be found here.




2004 to 2007 - Singapore SME Top 500


2008, 2009 - Top 1000 Companies in Singapore




2001 – Our Singapore plant received ISO14001 certification


2002 – Our Malaysian plant received  ISO14001 certification


2003 – In accordance with new regulations in China, our Singapore and Malaysian counterparts were certified by AQSIQ as a qualified shipper to China


2006 – Our plant in Thailand received ISO14001 certification


2008 – In accordance with the new regulation in Malaysia on the re-categorisation of electronics waste as hazardous waste, our Malaysian counterpart was recognised as the 3rd qualified plant in Malaysia to handle electronics waste within the nation


2010 – Our Singapore plant was certified by Bizsafe


2011 – Our Singapore and Malaysian plants received ISO9001 certification


2012 – Our plant in Guangdong, China received ISO14001, ISO9001 & production safety certification, and was recognised by AQSIQ as a qualified scrap importer


2013 – Our Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand plants ISO 14001:2004 certificates were renewed by LRQA.


2014 – Our Singapore plant BizSAFE level 3 certificate was renewed by WSHC.


2014 – Our Singapore plant ISO 9001:2008 certificate was renewed by LRQA.